Pricing for Massage/Reiki/CranialSacral/Reflexology:


$70 for one hour

$100 for 90 minutes.

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Packages receive %10 off for 3 paid up front or %15 off for 5 paid up front, this is a way for you to keep the cost down and give my regular clients a break.

Hot Stone Massage is $80  for one hour and $110 for 90 minutes.

Shea Butter Wrap is $80

Vortex Healing is $95

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An add on is Massage Flame which takes massage to a whole different level. It is a special blend of organic coconut oil/shea butter with aromatherapy. Light the candle and it turns into an oil that the therapist pours  directly on the client. It is so relaxing and amazing feeling.  The end result is that your skin is moisturized and you are infused in scents that take you to another place.

Massage Flame is $16  and if anything is left over you get to take the candle home.