• Massage Therapy is a hands on modality working to release muscle tension throughout the body.  Excellent for stress, tight painful muscles, injuries or just to feel good.

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  • Reflexology is pressure applied to specific places of the body but mostly the feet where it is believed that there are points of the feet that applies to different parts of the body and working on those pressure points helps keep the body in greater health and wellness.


  • Reiki is a Japanese word meaning universal life energy.  It promotes balance and health through the whole body system, it is quite peaceful and calming energy.  Some people feel it and some don’t but almost all people feel such a sense of peace and calmness and can ease chronic pain in some clients.  Can also feel powerful emotional release that can be quite profound and healing.  Gentle and peaceful and the client stays fully clothed during this treatment.

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  • CranialSacral Therapy is a light touch therapy that can create dramatic releases in the body.  This therapy focuses on the central nervous system and releases tension throughout the body allowing the body to self correct itself.   Pressure of this amazing modality is the pressure of a nickel and patient is fully clothed during this treatment.


  • Hot Stone Massage is using heated river rocks to massage the client to increase a sense of relaxation and using the heat to deeper relax the muscles and tension in the body.  Hard to stay awake for this one as this just sends you to a whole different place.


  • Shea Butter Wrap is a gentle dry exfoliation of the skin cells then using heated shea butter to moisten your skin and wrapping you up and letting the butter soften your skin.  Once you are unwrapped, hot towels to make sure the product is totally absorbed into your body.